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Sharanya is the apt name for palliative and Hospice Care for Terminally ill and advanced patients of

  • Cancer
  • Fully Paralysed
  • Renal Failure and
  • HIV/AIDS Patients

Sharanya Provides Total Care to the patients which involves - Shelter, Medical Care, Social Care, Psychological Care and Spiritual Care.

Sharanya serves the needy people in different mode and methods.

  1. Patient Counselling Programme
  2. Home Care Service
  3. Telephonic Counselling Programme.
  4. Social awareness Programme.
  5. Rural Health Programme.
  6. In-patient Facility.
  7. Day Care Centre for Paralysed Patients.
  8. Accommodation and care for Renal failure patients of Rural India.
  9. Care Centre for HIV patients.
  10. Rehabilitation centre for HIV patients

Patient Counselling Programme :

This is the first programme of care rendered to Cancer patients who are under treatment. The word “Cancer” itself creates fear. The threatening adverse effects of the treatment is un-bearable, added to Pain and Suffering, Patient have to undergo treatment and patient care takers are bound to wait with anxiety.

To console the patients and patient care takers Sharanya started consoling program in 2004. It started counseling patients and care takers with spiritual and cultural programmes on every Thursday so that a little smile would appear on the faces of the patients and engaging them in other than medical diagnosis activities.

Apart from the above a patient under treatment is counseled for attaining additional psychological strength by empowering will power to overcome the temporary side effects of the medicine and treatment. It gives a compassionate feeling to undergo the course of treatment for getting cured.

Visiting Oncology Hospitals, meeting the Cancer patients and counselling them with different attractive eventful programmes like Singing, Dance, Magic show, Speeches, Education, Workshop, Jokes, Question and Answer programmes were arranged. This experiment attracted the patients and their care takers, which inturn helped them to get courage to face the situation.

Home Care Service :

Sharanya started Home Care Service to terminal Cancer and Paralysed patients at their doorstep from 15th Aug 2004. A patient discharged from the Hospital and advised to take further Palliative Care and treatment in their house is in need of experienced nursing care and home visits of Doctors.

As we know, it is very difficult to get the services of the house visiting doctors as it was in olden days. But the situation of the patient is that he can not go to the clinic, and there is no one to care for frequent problems arising.

This has been understood by Sharanya and an effort is made to fulfill the need by adopting Home Care methods.

The service reaches out to patients and their families to serve their physical and emotional needs and to provide Palliative Care. This approach will show a right direction for a patient to spend his/her last few days with peace and dignity. As for as possible an attempt is made to help patients to be pain free and comfortable.

A patient will face a lot of problems during the advanced and terminal stage of the disease. They are –

  1. Pain
  2. Suffering
  3. Agony
  4. Side effects of the disease
  5. Nobody to take care at the home, because of no children or children staying away from home
  6. Lack of love and affection despite the presence of many at home OR Nobody is ready to serve the patient
  7. Superstitions and differences of opinions
  8. Disturbed atmosphere in the family
  9. Ill feelings of inferiority, superiority and status of false prestige
  10. Discharge of responsibilities and so-on …………

SHARANYA tries to find solution to as many problems as possible and counsel them to cope up with the situation.

  • An effort is made to reduce the pain and suffering.
  • An effort is made to keep intensity of the disease in control
  • Yoga methods to surrender to god and learn to forget the disease.
  • Counsel the patients to develop courage.
  • Creating happy atmosphere in the patients house, so that, importance is given to the patient.
      • Visiting and attending the patient at their house with a team of nurses and doctors giving timely medication to control the symptoms
      • Cleaning and dressing of wounds.

      • To provide physical and psychological support to the patients and their family members at their doorstep.
      • Training of family members to take care patients at home.
      • Home care service is available at time and day schedule.
      • Clinical care is given to the patients by providing services of passing ryle’s tube, catheterization, feeding, tracheotomy tube cleaning, dressing, bathing, administering medicines, colostomy maintenance, IV fluids, breathing problems etc. are monitored.
      • Sharanya has its own vehicle to reach the patients house and attend the patient, advice the patients family members and give them a feeling that “We are with you” which will really increase their strength and will-power to handle and face the situation.

      Home Care service has more impact of holy and divineness not only with the patient, but also with his family members and neighbors. Many a time they react like “God has sent you to help us without our knowledge”.


      In all the above cases Sharanya has its own methods and procedures of taking care of a Terminal Cancer Patients.

      1. As a first step, the patient or patient’s guardians come to Sharanya with their discharge summary report.
      2. Sharanya’s reference is obtained from different Oncology Hospitals OR through person-to-person publicity.
      3. Along with their discharge summary report, patients get their registration done at Sharanya. As soon they register, our team rushes the patient’s house for primary care and to study the patient’s condition.
      4. Patients discharge report and his actual condition is discussed for further care with Sharanya Medical Officer, committee doctors, and if required consultation with Oncologist.
      5. The basic medical care is given to such patients to bring all his symptoms of pain, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, constipation and so on under control. So that, the patient should feel pain free and comfortable.
      6. When once the patient feels comfortable, then he will be counselled for psychological care, so that, the patient will accept the disease and live with the disease.
      7. As for as possible, patient’s social problems/family problems will be sorted out by counselling.
      8. Patient counselling & family counselling is arranged separately by expert counsellers to regain psychological strength to over come the situation and symptoms.

      9. Occasional outing will be arranged to overcome loneliness by attending spiritual programmes, pravachanas, functions, places of worship etc. A special care will be provided on such occasion, accompanying the patient by the sharanya staff and counsellors.

      Some Special Events of Sharanya

      Thus Palliative Care, which means a Total care of a patient, is taken by providing Medical care, Social care, Psychological care and Spiritual care. With the above exercises, the patient will become Tension free, pain free, peaceful, and happy to live his last few days.


      This is a very different programme attending Telephonic calls of patients with terminal disease. In our experience we have found 2 category of patients who have taken telephonic couselling support from trained cousellers. They are,

      • Patients under treatment
      • Patients in Terminal stage

      Patient and their family members get number of questions arising in their mind. So that unless a free discussion is made, they will not be clarified. Secondly, doctors will be so busy in OPD and other procedures of treatment. They will hardly find time to counsel in detail. In such cases, unless some question of patient is not solved, then the fear of disease will not clear. In this situation an expert counselor is required to convince and fill the courage to undergo advice in diagnosis.

      On the other hand, the fearsome devil of terminal patient is loneliness. Patient wants to share his thoughts with some one, but unfortunately nobody has time to hear the patient. This may lead to depression, anger, negligence, dislike and so on. In this situation only solution is to listen to the patient and counsel the family members to spare some time with the patient.

      These are carried through Telephonic conversations and an effort is made to counsel as for as possible.

      Social Awareness Programme

      Sharanya has organized programmes for different sections of people to educate about Hazardous situations of wrong practices. Different Cancers will occur without the knowledge of our day to day practices. In this regard an informative group discussion and educative programme had been and will be arranged with different sections of people.

      Rural Health Programme

      Rural India is one of the most hit places for Health issues. Many a time symptoms of the disease is neglected by the patient or not diagnosed properly at Primary Health Care center and later it will be identified at the advanced stages. This situation is over come by rural health check up programme of Cancer and its related diseases.

      In-patient Facility:

      At present Sharanya is rendering its services to Terminal patients as Home Care Service. A step ahead, Sharanya is planning to extend its services to Terminal Cancer patients providing - free shelter, food, care and peaceful environment. To provide all the above Hospice facilities and such atmosphere, D.S.L. Trust has procured a land of 10½ Acre at Gajanur Agrahara, Gajanur. Wards and other construction work is in progress and planning to start hospice service by near future months.


      The above project is one of the new thought and unique for paralysed patients. As it is narrated in “In patient facility”, the land procured for Sharanya is not only for cancer patients, but also for paralysed, renal failure and HIV/AIDS patients.

      A separate Day Care Centre will be constructed and all facilities will be provided for paralysis patients to spend one day in a different atmosphere, necessary food will be served, games, watching T.V., news paper/magazines, helping them for going round, cultural programmes and they will be sent back to their homes by evening.

      Scheduled number of batches and patients will be taken care with necessary physiotherapy by our experienced staff and other team members. Public organizations can also participate in giving them cultural and counseling programmes conducted for patients.

      Accommodation and care for Renal failure patients of Rural India :

      As we all know that a Renal failure patient has to undergo for dialysis at least twice in a week. Patients who are residing in cities OR who have got facility to stay can avail this treatment at their schedule. But a patient who is willing to undergo for dialysis on his own but does not have any facility to stay, will be provided accommodation of ward by the Trust. This is restricted only for rural patients who really deserve. It will provide an opportunity to live happily as long they are.


      This project is as big as taking care of cancer patients. A separate set of wards and team of nursing care with all possible facilities will be provided as per the norms of CARE OF HIV Patients.

      The TRUST has a vision to take up this service in the coming years.

      Rehabilitation centre for HIV Patients:

      This is a unique thought of providing a Hostel facility for HIV affected patients. They can stay here. They will be provided with food, shelter and care. During working hours of the day, they can be given an opportunity to work in different organizations and they will be back to Hostel in the evening. This project will also be taken in the coming years.


      Mrs. Parvathi Bai (name has been changed), aged 60 years, from a village in Udupi District, had complaints of pain in left knee joint in 1980. It improved partially with local treatment. In 1995, she had symptoms of backache and a lump in front of her neck. She also had some difficulty in breathing for which she was treated as respiratory infection. In 2004, she had severe pain in lower limbs with sciatica in left lower limb for which traction was applied and medicines & injections were given. As there was no improvement, she had M.R.I. Scan done in which thyroid cancer with multiple bony secondaries and spinal secondaries were detected. F.N.A.C. and Thyroid biopsy with biopsy of the spinal lesion revealed Papillary Adenocarcinoma of Thyroid. She came to Shimoga, to live with her son. She was followed up at the local Cancer Hospital. As the disease was in the late stage , but still surgery total thyroidectomy followed by radio iodine therapy was the best option, but patient refused not willing for surgery hence palliative care was offered The Oncologist advised Morphine Syrup, some analgesics for pain relief, along with supportive therapy and was advised bed rest to avoid fracture.

      As per the advice of oncologist they registered at sharanya. The Sharanya team took the responsibility of providing home nursing for her. They would administer I.V. fluids and analgesic injections whenever necessary, as per the oncologist’s advice with their help, she could move around the house and go to the toilet, using a walker. With moral support and spiritual counseling provided by the Sharanya team of counselors, slowly her attitude and fear regarding the deadly disease changed into acceptance and surrendering, with courage and fortitude in facing her ailment. She could even give a programme of devotional songs and lyrics at the Cancer Hospital, where she advised the suffering patients to face the trail bravely.

      In April 2005, a Radio interview was fixed for the patient. She was slowly becoming independent of the support for her daily activities. But unfortunately one day while she was going to toilet slipped and fell down injuring her knee joint. The fracture incurred was treated by an orthopedic surgeon by plaster of Paris cast. She developed severe pain in her right hand as well. Diclofenac Suppositories were used for pain relief. The plaster cast was removed after 3 months. But, inspite of her pain, she used to do crochet work, and teaching children to keep her occupied. Meanwhile, she had a bout of fever, headache, neck pain and abdominal pain. She could not lift her right upper limb, due to severe pain in her right shoulder joint. She was ably assisted in her daily chores such as bathing etc. by the care taking team of Sharanya. A Swamiji from the Sharanya team used to visit her often for spiritual counselling, with this spiritual and physical support and the analgesic drugs and injections she improved considerably.

      But, in due course, the neck tumour was slowly growing in size, causing difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Along with, the pain in left knee joint and spine also worsened. Skin patches prescribed for pain relief could only provide slight relief. She had nausea, giddiness and syncopal attacks. She was under orthopedic surgeon’s supervision.

      Meanwhile, in March 2007, her husband fell ill seriously, and she wanted to go to her place to see him. One of our care team members from Sharanya accompanied her and attended her needs on the way. She stayed with them for a day and was treated for severe body ache, & to overcome the situation of her bad health condition & her husband’s critical health condition. 2 days later, her husband expired and she returned to Shimoga on 31st March 2007 after completing his last rites.

      Then she developed dental pain for which analgesics were given. Sharanya staff used to visit her everyday and the doctor would regularly examine her once in a week. She could not tolerate the Allopathic medicines prescribed for some itching and burning skin lesions and would suffer from loose motions. She switched over to some Ayurvedic ointment prepared with cow’s urine (Amruthmalam) and in due course the skin lesions healed, but the pain persisted.

      Day by day, the lymph nodes in the neck increased in size and the one in the sub auricular region on the left side opened started discharging watery fluid through a small sinus. Now, she is on narcotic analgesics and local patches for alleviation of pain, which gives her temporary relief.

      One of the most interesting matters is – with so much advanced status of her disease, one of her wish was to write RAMAYANA examination conducted by education department. Finally she was able to study and take the concerned examination. Hats off to her will power and acceptance of disease.

      The Patient is very well aware of her condition and the prognosis. She is living with excruciating pain due to the terminal illness, but she has learnt to tolerate it and live with it. Any day she may succumb to her incurable disease, but she is mentally prepared to face the inevitable fate with exemplary courage and cheerfulness. The Sharanya team has infused this self-confidence in her, with the palliative treatment and spiritual counselling, Sharanya has fulfilled its role and vision of serving the terminally ill, needy patient.